Products / KYORITSU / RCD/LOOP/PAT Testers MODEL 5406A


• Custom microprocessor controlled for highest accuracy and reliability.
• 3 LEDs for checking correct wiring status.
• 0 and 180 degree phase angle switch permits quick tests and consistent readings.
• Digital read-out of tripping time.
• Constant current source circuitry ensures that a fluctuating mains voltage does not affect the accuracy of readings.
• Large custom digital display readout.
• Visual indication of reversed phase and neutral wiring at socket.
• Designed to IP54 Rating.
• Complies with IEC 61557
• Test of a large kind of RCD's: Standard, Selective, AC and A (DC sensitive breakers)
• Measurement of RCD trip time
 Conducting testing of rated residual non-operating currents at
 × 1/2 Range, measuring RCD trip time at × 1 and × 5 Ranges. 
• Measurement of trip out current
 Measuring trip out current by varying current automatically. 
• Remote Test
 Enabling a user to hold the Test Leads with his both hands
 by locking the Test Button. Measurement will automatically
 start when the main voltage is detected. 
• Voltage Measurement
 Carrying out a constant measurement of voltage in the
 stand-by mode at each Range. 
• Auto-detection of Contact voltage
 Detecting the voltage to earth of Earth electrodes or
 Protective conductors during RCD test - when applying
 test currents - at measurement using EARTH in order to
 prevent electrical shocks caused by the damaged earth.
 Measurement will be ceased at AC50V or more. 
• Dust- and Water-proof
 Dust- and Water-proof construction
 (designed to IEC 60529 IP54). 
• Backlight
 Facilitating working at dimly illuminated locations.